Requests for APIs (RFA)

Many of the most groundbreaking APIs we've seen were those that took us by surprise, not the ones we were actively seeking. However, there are certain types of APIs that we're particularly interested in. Below is our list of Requests for APIs (RFA), outlining these ideas in broad strokes.

Please note that you don't have to be working on one of these API ideas to be a part of The majority of the APIs we'll host will likely be diverse, spanning various domains. This list is primarily to inspire you if you're already contemplating an idea in one of these areas.


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have the potential to revolutionise various sectors. We're interested in APIs that apply AI/ML research to specific domains like healthcare, finance, or natural language processing.

DevTools APIs

Developer tools are the backbone of the software industry. We're looking for APIs that can simplify development workflows, improve code quality, or assist in DevOps tasks.

Productivity APIs

In the age of information overload, productivity tools are more crucial than ever. APIs that can help in task management, time tracking, or even mental well-being are of great interest.

Financial APIs

With the increasing complexity of the financial world, there's a need for more specialised tools. APIs that can handle things like cryptocurrency, investment strategies, or risk assessment are highly desirable.

E-commerce APIs

The e-commerce sector is booming, and APIs that can assist in logistics, payment, or customer management can add tremendous value.

Healthcare APIs

The healthcare sector is ripe for disruption. APIs that can manage patient records, assist in diagnostics, or even handle administrative tasks are of great interest.


The Internet of Things is connecting the world like never before. APIs that can manage devices, collect data, or ensure security are highly valuable.

Content Creation APIs

Content is king, and APIs that assist in content creation, distribution, or analytics can be game-changers.

Data Analytics APIs

Data is the new oil. APIs that can perform complex data analytics, visualisation, or real-time monitoring are highly sought after.

Cybersecurity APIs

In a world that's increasingly online, cybersecurity cannot be ignored. APIs that can handle encryption, threat detection, or secure authentication are of great interest.

Top 50 Searched APIs (by volume)

Note: The content is inspired by Y Combinator's Request for Startups page, which covers a wide range of startup ideas from AI to healthcare, aiming to inspire entrepreneurs to work on projects that align with Y Combinator's areas of interest.